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    LD4K Lite

    2-CH: 4K+FHD | 9.66" Touch Screen | GPS | WiFi 6 | Super Capacitor | Type-C port

    2-CH, 4K+FHD: The LINGDU LD4K Lite captures stunning footage with its dual-channel recording capabilities. Enjoy crisp and detailed 4K resolution for the front camera and Full HD (FHD) resolution for the rear camera, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your vehicle's surroundings.

    9.66" Touch Screen: Navigate settings, review footage, and access essential information with ease on the large and intuitive 9.66" touch screen display. Enjoy a user-friendly interface that provides convenient control and monitoring directly on the dash cam.

    GPS Functionality: Keep track of your vehicle's location, speed, and route history with built-in GPS functionality. The LINGDU LD4K Lite provides accurate positioning data, allowing for precise monitoring and analysis of your driving habits and routes.

    WiFi 6 Connectivity: Experience lightning-fast data transfer and seamless connectivity with WiFi 6 technology. Transfer footage to your smartphone or other devices quickly and efficiently, and enjoy enhanced stability and speed for remote access and control.

    Super Capacitor: Ensure reliable performance in extreme temperatures with super capacitor technology. The LINGDU LD4K Lite dash cam is equipped with a super capacitor that provides stable power supply, ensuring continuous operation and safeguarding your footage, even in harsh weather conditions.

    Type-C Port: Benefit from faster charging and data transfer speeds with the Type-C port. The LINGDU LD4K Lite dash cam allows for quick and efficient charging, as well as easy connection to other devices for seamless file transfer and management.

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    2. SPECS
    • ModelLD4K Lite
      Screen9.66”IPS Touching Screen
      Lens ApertureF 1.8
      Video ResolutionUp to 4K + 1080P
      Video FormatMP4
      Photo FormatJPG
      Loop RecordingSupport
      G- sensor

      Built-in 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor

      WiFiWiFi 6
      Parking Monitor

      Support, need to connect Type C 3-lead

      hard-wire kit (Not including)

      GPS Track

      Built- in, GPS Player