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    OBD Hardwire Kit

    24Hours Mini Mico Type C Ports | 5V 2.5A Car Charge Cable OBD Hardwire Cord

    24-Hour Power Supply: The LINGDU OBD Hardwire Kit ensures continuous power to your dash cam, camcorder, or vehicle DVR, providing reliable operation 24 hours a day. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your device is always powered, even when your vehicle is turned off.

    Mini Micro Type C Ports: With its mini micro Type C ports, the LINGDU OBD Hardwire Kit offers versatile connectivity options for your devices. Easily connect your dash cam, camcorder, or DVR to the hardwire kit for seamless power supply and operation.

    5V 2.5A Car Charge Cable: The LINGDU OBD Hardwire Kit features a car charge cable with a 5V output and 2.5A current, ensuring fast and efficient charging for your devices. Keep your dash cam or DVR powered up and ready to record, without worrying about battery drain.

    OBD Hardwire Cord: The included OBD hardwire cord provides a secure and stable connection between your vehicle's OBD port and your dash cam, camcorder, or DVR. Enjoy hassle-free installation and reliable power supply for your devices.

    3.5 Meters Length: With a generous 3.5-meter length, the LINGDU OBD Hardwire Kit offers flexibility and convenience for installation in your vehicle. Route the cable neatly and discreetly to your dash cam or DVR, ensuring a clean and professional installation.

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    2. SPECS

    • Brand
      Input Voltage12V- 24V (Not applicable to heavy trucks)
      Output Voltage5V


      Output Current


      Low Voltage

      Protection Vltage

      11.8V ± 0.2V
      Line Lenght3.5m (Slight error in measurement, subject to the actual)