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    D100 PRO

    1-CH: 3K | 0.96" Screen | GPS | WiFi 6 | ADAS | Bluetooth | EN Video Control | Super Capacitor

    • 3K Resolution: The LINGDU D100 PRO 1-CH dash cam records in crisp 3K resolution, ensuring every detail of your journey is captured with remarkable clarity. Whether it's license plates, road signs, or scenery, you'll have clear and detailed footage for added peace of mind.

    • 0.96" Screen: Stay informed and review footage directly on the dash cam's convenient 0.96" screen. Easily navigate settings, view recordings, and access essential information without the need for additional devices.

    • GPS Functionality: Keep track of your vehicle's location and route with built-in GPS functionality. The LINGDU D100 PRO 1-CH provides accurate positioning data, allowing you to monitor your driving habits and review detailed information about your trips.

    • WiFi 6 Connectivity: Enjoy lightning-fast data transfer and seamless connectivity with WiFi 6 technology. Transfer footage to your smartphone or other devices quickly and efficiently, and take advantage of enhanced stability and speed for remote access and control.

    • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System): Drive with confidence thanks to the advanced safety features of ADAS. The LINGDU D100 PRO 1-CH offers real-time alerts for lane departure, forward collision warnings, and more, helping you stay safe on the road.

    • Bluetooth Integration: Connect your smartphone to the dash cam via Bluetooth for added convenience. Access settings, control recording modes, and manage your dash cam with ease, all from the palm of your hand.

    • EN Video Control: Take hands-free control of your dash cam with EN voice commands. From starting or stopping recordings to capturing snapshots, control your LINGDU D100 PRO 1-CH effortlessly and safely while driving.

    • Super Capacitor: Ensure reliable performance in any weather conditions with the super capacitor technology. The LINGDU D100 PRO 1-CH dash cam is equipped with a super capacitor for stable power supply, ensuring continuous operation and safeguarding your footage in the event of power fluctuations or outages.

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